Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Signs She Has Emotional Baggage

Most men have run into women who've been hurt by men in the past and carry psychological damage and unresolved anger into their new relationships. Sometimes these women are still reeling from a bad break-up, a negative experience with a man and even physical abuse. Here are some signs that you're dealing with women with emotional baggage.

1. She avoids you for no reason
With women like this, it's always one step forward and 20 steps back. She will show interest in you and then suddenly become unavailable. You won't hear from her again for weeks, then out of nowhere, she'll reappear with a big smile on her face, ready to take up where you both left off like nothing ever happened.

2. The nicer you are, the faster she'll run

She reacts emotionally to the hurt in her past. She has all the normal urges to be with a good man, and truly wants to have a successful relationship, but as soon as her emotions are aroused, she gets scared of your niceness and runs away --usually right back into the arms of yet another emotionally-unavailable man who will only cause her more pain and heartache.

3. She says one thing and does another

A woman with emotional baggage will tell you that she loves you and that she has so much respect for you. Then she'll start treating you like crap, starting fights with you and screaming at you for no apparent reason. She'll tell you she's wants a commitment and wants the two of you to be together forever, then she'll cheat on you out of nowhere. If she gives off mixed signals like these, you can't take a woman like this
at her at her word; You can only judge her on her actions.

4. She's a man hater
May women with emotional baggage are extremely angry at men and blame guys for all of their problems. They unfairly label all men as "cheaters", "abusers" and "dogs." Although many of these types of men do exist, women with emotional baggage won't admit that the real reason that they feel this way is because of the poor choices in men they have made in the past.

5. She has a history of being abused
Women who are victims of any kind of abuse are often emotionally unstable and withhold lots of inner pain, which shows itself in their romantic lives. Women who display emotional baggage in relationships are very erratic and are often on an emotional roller coaster. One day they'll enjoy lovemaking and the next day, they're not sexual at all. They may even freak out during lovemaking due to certain situations reminding them of bad memories.

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