Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Signs You're Dating a Loser

Yes, many women date losers; however, there are many men that date women that create a great deal of social, emotional and psychological damage in a relationship. These women either hold you back, bring you down or simply hurt you in one way or another down the road. No one should ever settle for mediocrity, so gentlemen, if any of the following 5 characteristics are all too familiar, there is risk in your relationship.

She forms attachments fast
A loser has very shallow emotions and connections with others. This type of woman will seem fantastic at first and will shower you with attention. Then, in less than a few weeks of dating, you'll hear that you're the love of her life and how she wants to marry you and be with you forever. You may be so overwhelmed by this display of instant attraction, commitment and planning for the future that you'll miss the major point--none of it makes any sense!!

It's true that we can become infatuated with others quickly; however, normal, healthy women require a longer process to develop a relationship and won't be making unrealistic promises and have the future planned after just two dates. A woman who advances WAY faster than normal has very shallow emotions, so watch out. Remember the old saying: "If it's too good to be true, it probably is!"

2. She’s a freeloader

A loser knows every trick in the book to get something for free and would rather accept a government check than work. When it comes time to pick up the check for a dinner, a movie or just about anything else the two of you are undertaking-- her debit card has mysteriously "declined." She won't pitch in for gas on trips or for food at a get-together. A woman like this will just suck your wallet dry and leave you emasculated. If you are the one who is constantly shelling out money in the relationship, that should be your sign that she's just using you.

3. She has no life of her own
In a normal relationship, the two of you would share a common bond while having your own lives, your own friends and your own dreams. However, a loser has no life or interests of her own and will be stuck to you like glue. She'll adopt your interests, call you 20 times a day and fly off the handle anytime she’s not around to monitor your behavior. This type of woman will destroy any chance of you missing her by insisting that you spend every waking moment with her, refusing to let you go out with the boys or spend any significant amount of time with anyone else.

4. She has nothing but bad stories about herself

People define themselves with their stories, and if you give a person enough rope, they'll eventually hang themselves. A loser will tell you about her past relationships and in every case, she'll assure you that she was a "victim" who was treated horribly despite how wonderful she was to that person. She'll then brag about her temper and outbursts because she doesn't see anything wrong with her attitude.

These women carry a tremendous amount of emotional baggage and will do things that are completely crazy, lacking rational thought and take actions with no thought about consequences. Pay close attention to her stories-- they tell you how you will eventually be treated and what's coming your way if you stay with her.

5. She embarrasses you in public

A loser will eventually lash out at you, call you names, or say cruel and embarrassing things about you in public. You'll constantly find yourself politely smiling, walking with your head down, saying nothing and holding on to her arm when in public, fearful of seeing a friend who might speak to you and create an angry reaction. If you stay with a woman like this, she'll simply continue to beat your self-worth down to her own level--after all, misery loves company.

5 Signs She's On Her Way Out

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were convinced that everything was moving forward, then, without warning, you were dumped? Most men find themselves in this situation because they either fail to recognize the signs of an impending breakup or just simply choose to ignore them.

Being able to read these signs and use them to your advantage will not only make you more successful with women, it will also allow you to cut your losses and not waste your time on women who aren't interested and simply don't want to further a relationship with you. Here are 5 tell-tale signs that your girlfriend wants to break up with you:

1. Your phone conversations become less frequent
If you and your girlfriend normally talk a few times a day but that’s changed to a few times a week, this could be a red flag. If you notice her phone calls are becoming sparse or she consistently takes a long time to call you back, she might be trying to put some distance between you.

2. She prefers to go out with her friends instead of you
When your girlfriend begins consistently leaving you at home to hang out in nightclubs and party with her girlfriends, then she is definitely losing interest in you and is more than likely pursuing her options.

3. She starts avoiding public displays of affection

When a woman kisses you or holds your hand in public, she’s telling the world that you’re together. However, if she once engaged in kissing, touching, groping, cuddling, crossing hands into each other's opposite back pockets, but now avoids PDA altogether, she actually doesn’t want other people to know you are together and anticipates being single soon.

4. She's not interested in sex (with you!)

If sex or other physical contact was a normal occurrence in your relationship but now its scarce, seems routine and lacks emotion, you may be headed for break-up. When a woman pulls away from sex, she is often also pulling away from you emotionally.

5. She starts referring to you as her friend

If she went from introducing you as her boyfriend to just calling you a friend that is all she sees you as and you have definitely been demoted from boyfriend status in her mind-- bottom line.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Metrosexual Man

The term, "metrosexual," as originally coined, refers to urban, stylish and sophisticated heterosexual men who are in touch with their feminine side, yet secure in their own masculinity. A metrosexual man lives or works in a city, possesses a strong sense of style and concern for his appearance, spends a certain amount of time and money on his lifestyle and has a passion for experiencing the good things in life.

Male vanity and male narcissism are the two fundamental characteristics of metrosexuality. These qualities are encouraged by activities such as shopping for clothes and accessorizing, and because they possess discretionary income, metrosexual men have the ability to stay up to date with the latest hairstyles and the newest threads. Metrosexuals know their men's grooming supplies and manicures, pedicures, facials and exfoliation are all part of their routine.

Metrosexual men catch a lot of flack for caring so much about their appearance; however, metrosexuality is a cultural shift that is considered by many as a new form of masculinity. In fact, look no further than the entertainment industry to find celebrity metrosexuals such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and Sean "Puffy" Combs. All these men are as much models as they are sports stars or actors, and they get plenty of female gazes to the many billboards they're on.

Still, metrosexuality has been rejected by most modern men because metrosexual guys tend to display many of the lifestyle tendencies of stereotypically gay men and perform other grooming rituals some consider strictly feminine. On the other hand, metrosexual men can make these same guys jealous of their success with the ladies.

Although traditional manly men have gotten away grooming mistakes such as walking around in holey t-shirts and faded jeans while drinking beer, belching and farting, more and more women prefer men with style and appreciate guys who take care of their appearance, smell nice and look like they have made an effort. Those who date or marry metrosexuals will also agree that they are more well-rounded men that completely and fully understand things that they are interested in, i.e., literature, cinema, art, cooking, interior design, wines and music.

With more and more metrosexuals on the rise, it's clear that less metro men will have to start exerting a little more effort in impressing their women, or risk being left alone.

Friday, February 17, 2012

4 Reasons to Avoid Dating a Coworker

When two people are thrown together for long hours at the office and have similar interests, it's easy for romance to bloom. On the other hand, an office romance can get in the way of true professionalism and create trouble for you at the workplace. Office romances are always a dangerous bet, so if you think that your only chance at love is in the workplace, think about the following reasons to avoid mixing business with pleasure:

1. Your work efficiency will be reduced

When the object of your desire is within your view during the work day, your job performance can begin to suffer. Your mind will become so preoccupied with looking for ways to sneak off for romantic interludes that you begin neglecting or delivering low-quality work and end up compromising safety and security aspects. Once that happens, your boss along with your entire department and coworkers could lose confidence in your abilities and lose faith in your dependability.

2. It will lead to office gossip

Once your relationship is exposed in front of your coworkers, your private life won’t be private anymore. Being the subject of office gossip can destroy your chances for promotion and severely harm your professional image. Furthermore, if you gossiped about other coworkers with her or bad-mouthed anyone during your good times together, there's a chance that those comments will come back to haunt you.

Link3. Breakups could make for a hostile workplace
Let’s face it – most office romances don’t last, and when relationships outside of the workplace fail, the other half of the failed relationship will be in constant company, making the environment very uncomfortable and strained. If she is the instigator of the breakup or decides she wants to be " just friends", jealousy may take its toll on you when you witness her flirting with other employees, going out on lunch dates and moving on with her life without you. On the other hand, if you ended the relationship, she might try making your life hell at work--and possibly try to get you fired.

4. It could lead to a sexual harassment suit against you

When subordinates date and then break up, the possibility of a sexual harassment suit is a real concern. The smiles and occasional glances, flirting, playful jokes, letters and naughty e-mails that were thought to be fun and flirty during the relationship could become evidence against you when dealing with someone who resisted the breakup and subsequently wants to hurt you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 10: Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s gifts are essential, and if you want your relationship to work smoothly, you need to provide your lady with that special gift that will make her eyes light up in an unmistakable way. The following 10 can’t-fail Valentine's Day gifts will let her know she’s the center of your world.

1. Lingerie

Lingerie is a rewarding gift that actually benefits the you as much, if not more, than your lady. Buying lingerie for your girlfriend can be tricky, so when it comes to this kind of gift, you have to think sensuous and make sure you find her size in a style you know she'll love.

2. Sexy Games
You can definitely put a racy spin on Valentine’s Day with some flirty yet tasteful bedroom games ranging from types of kisses to sensual actions and even a sexy version of Truth or Dare. Whether you're involved in a budding relationship or one that could use some spark in the bedroom, these are the kinds of gifts that will tell your girlfriend you find her attractive and that you enjoy fun in the bedroom with her.

3. Chocolates

You can never go wrong with chocolates on Valentine’s Day; however, avoid the trap of your generic, run-of-the-mill chocolates and go for a custom selection of her favorite flavors from a brand that defines quality and taste.

4. Body Care Kits

Women can never have enough beauty products, so get her a set of sensational body care, glamorous makeup and beauty goodies she can use.

5. Jewelry

What woman doesn't want jewelry for a gift? While diamonds may be a girl's best friend, they are usually reserved for serious relationships, so keep in mind that there are plenty of other valuable gems, birthstones and metals that will surely please your lady and complement the sparkle in her eye.

6. Spa Gifts

Women love to be pampered, so spa packages and treatments make great gifts for Valentine's Day, especially for women who could use some relaxation.

7. Perfume
Perfumes or fragrances are always sure to make her happy; however, if you're considering a Valentine's Day gift of perfume, try to find out what her favorite scent is. If you don't know her signature scent, choose a light and modern, sexy and refreshing scent that you would love to smell on her every day and she will definitely appreciate the sentiment.

8. Flowers

What would the most passionate, heartfelt day of the year be without flowers? Long-stemmed red roses are always a popular choice for Valentine’s Day and a pretty safe option regardless of how long you’ve been with your girl. You can also go the extra mile by having your florist create an intricate personalized Valentine's Day bouquet for her.

9. Romantic Getaway

A carefully chosen romantic getaway for just the two of you is one of the best ways to spend some intimate time together.

10. Designer Handbag

A handbag is the most useful and personal accessory a girl could possess. You can't go wrong with a handbag because most women can always use another one to match their shoes, belt, coat, etc.