Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 Reasons Women Don't Like Mama's Boys

Men who have a good relationship with their mothers tend to be more understanding and respectful toward women. But a man who is always catering to all his mother’s requests can be extremely irritating to women and often in more ways than one. Here are 4 reasons why women don’t like to be with mama’s boys.

1. Mama's boys can't take care of themselves
Mama’s boys are normally useless when it comes to taking care of basic things like laundry, cooking, and cleaning, since they’re used to their mom taking care of those things. Furthermore, women don't like to date men who need to be served and refuse to move out of their mom's basement.

2. No privacy
It can be extremely annoying, not to mention downright embarrassing, when a mama's boy makes the mistake of telling his mother every intimate detail of his relationship with his lady.

3. A mama’s boy can't make his own decisions
A mama’s boy will be so heavily influenced by his mother that he won’t be able to think of his own opinions and ideas unless he runs everything by her. It is a huge turn-off to women when they find that a guy will not make relationship decisions without his mother's approval.

4. They don't want to be second priority
In the case of a mama’s boy, the mother is the number 1 priority in his life. Yes, it is normal and expected that a man will treat his mother on special occasions. But ultimately, every woman in a relationship would like to be top priority in her man's life, and the mama's boy just doesn't make room for this need.

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