Sunday, March 25, 2012

4 Reasons Why Women Don't Like Shy Guys

Many women actually like the challenge of cracking open the quite, reserved guy standing alone at the bar. But while many women prefer the modest, bashful guy that listens more than he speaks, being overly shy can become downright annoying to them after a while. Here are 4 reasons why women don't like shy guys:

1. They're insecure
Women are attracted to men with self-confidence, period. Insecurity in a man is a major turnoff for women, and shy guys that hesitate and are unsure of themselves appear very weak. Why would a woman want to talk to a guy who doesn't think he is interesting, constantly makes himself the butt of his own jokes and is always ready to point out how other guys are better than him?

2. They never make the first move
Shy guys generally tend to be more passive and display a lack of initiative when it comes to meeting women. A man who doesn't have the confidence to make the first move and initiate conversations with women can become very annoying.

3. They always ask permission
Shy guys always wait for a sign to take some action, which makes them appear passive and timid. They always ask women before doing anything, from touching to kissing, instead of relying on their instincts.

4. They're not spontaneous
Shy guys are always on their best behavior trying to please women rather than letting loose and showing them how lively they can really be. Women are looking for men with spontaneity, assertiveness and a sense of adventure and passion.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Three Really A Crowd?

If you ask men what their ultimate fantasy is, chances are they will likely respond that it is making love with two women. Almost every man who has the opportunity to have a three-way love-making experience will take it, but what are the chances that taking it to the next level can actually ruin your relationship?

Let's face it--men who make love to two women are revered by their male counterparts. It gives a man a feeling of accomplishment and achievement, making him feel like the ultimate alpha male. But have you ever considered the consequences of three-way lovemaking for both you and your partner?

For any self-respecting woman who is in love, sharing her boyfriend with another woman can be a traumatic experience that can trigger all kinds of negative emotions for her ranging from jealousy and embarrassment to possessiveness.

Think about it--asking your woman to have a three-way means that you are confessing your desire to make love to another woman. Just the thought of that will not only give her a sense of doubt, but mistrust will creep in and she will think you are cheating and are not satisfied by her.

Still not convinced a three-way could ruin your relationship? While you might be excited at the idea of being with two women at the same time, would something switch in your view of your girlfriend if she asked you for a threesome with another man?

Imagine how hard it would be to return to a normal relationship once you've seen your lady in bed with another guy. Even if you're in to that sort of thing now, how willing would you be to make her your wife and have some kids after watching her get it on with some random stranger, or even worse--one of your buddies?

When it comes to threesomes, they're never a good idea unless you have an open relationship with some chick you see no real future with. If you're in a very loving, secure and serious relationship, this type of fantasy should stay just that--a fantasy.

5 Reasons Why Women Won't Date Single Dads

We all know the dating world can be very complicated; however, it can be even worse for a guy who has little ones at home. While it is very honorable to take over the responsibility of raising your children full time, many women try to stay clear of single dads who are on the dating scene. Whether you feel the following reasons are understandable or ridiculous, here are the top 5 reasons why a woman would be hesitant to get involved with a man who has children:

1. She wants her partner's kids to be her first
Women want their first child to be their partners first child and they might avoid having a relationship with a single dad because she wants all those milestones of growing up to be shared mutually between her and her children's father.

2. She doesn't want your kids
A woman may not want a ready-made family. Bearing her own children may be an important part of her life plan and she doesn’t want to start out as a stepmother when she could have her own biological children.

3. She wants you all to herself
When it comes to dating, a woman wants to feel that she is the number one person in your life and that her needs come first. With a single dad, this isn’t the case. With little ones around the house, you can’t completely let go and do wild, spontaneous things like you might at the beginning of a relationship without kids. Your commitments to your kids will seriously cut in to your couple time and she doesn’t want to compete with your kids for your time, affection and attention.

4. She doesn't want to deal with baggage
The end of a relationship is always hard and the situation with his kids’ mom probably left plenty of issues behind. Because of this, a woman may think that a single dad will have lots of emotional baggage because of his loss — whether he’s single because of divorce or death. If the mother of your children is still in the picture, the fact that there will always be another woman in your life who will be hanging around may bother her.

5. She doesn't want kids at all
The most obvious reason that a woman would not date a single dad is that she just doesn’t like kids. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of women out there who don’t care for children for various reasons. Think about if--if she has never pictured herself as a mom, becoming a step-mom probably isn’t in the cards either.

The better you understand these reasons, the easier it’ll be for you to put a woman's fears to rest and to have a chance at a real relationship. On the other hand, you might find that she’s too immature to handle your situation. In that case, you should move on and find someone that will embrace a guy with a big enough heart to include many people in his care.

Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Signs You're Ready To Propose

Marriage is one of the biggest steps you'll ever take in your life. So just how do you know when you're ready to plop down on one knee and ask your girlfriend the magical "Will you marry me" question? Well, it's hard to put a time stamp on everything, least of all relationships; however, the following 5 signs should alert you to the fact that you're ready to make an honest woman out of the lady in your life:

1. You have similar values
Marriage isn’t going to succeed on love alone, so if the two of you complement each other's strengths and weaknesses and both of you are actually headed in the same direction on issues such as work, money, raising children, religion and values, you're in line to get hitched.

2. You've made plans for the future with her
If you've initiated or willingly participated in discussions with your girlfriend about things like which house to buy, which investment is better, having children and retirement plans, you're ready to propose.

3. You've discovered your desire to be a father
You're ready for marriage when you actually embrace the idea of being a father, begin suggesting to your girlfriend how great of a dad you will be, and begin thinking of your children's names.

4. You've completely grown out of your bachelor ways
The idea of meeting new women and participating in the singles' scene no longer appeals to a man who is ready to marry. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you feel increasingly out of place in the bars and clubs? Are you are sick of parties and getting involved with one-night stands? Are you ready to burn your little black book and forsake contact with exes and anyone else who may threaten your relationship? If you answered yes to these questions, you are squarely on the path to proposing.

5. You simply can't wait to get home to her
Whenever you go out of town on business, you frequently wish she could be there with you. Conversely, when she's away, you can't wait for her to get back. You feel comfortable talking with her about any and everything. You not only call her daily, but you can't wait to see her and tell her the details of your day and have a strong desire to hear about hers. Don't fight it any longer, you're ready.

5 Signs She Wants To Move In With You

When it comes to a long-term relationship, chances are your girlfriend will be the first one who brings up the idea of living with you. She might come right out and ask you if you want to start sharing accommodations, but it’s just as likely she’ll send subtle signals to suggest she wants to make the leap into your bachelor pad. Here are 5 of the most obvious signs that she wants to move in with you:

1. Sleepovers turn into week long visits

After the two of you have been dating for a while, it may become normal for your girlfriend to sleep over at your place every now and then. However, when she starts turning a one-night sleep over into an extended, week long visit or begins staying at your place when you're out of town, it may be a signal that she is thinking about a more permanent move.

2. She starts occupying your space
If a woman is thinking about moving in, one of her first steps will be to start leaving basic things at your place like her toothbrush and bath towel in order to ease you into the little details of her lifestyle. Then she'll appropriate a drawer of your dresser or start keeping her female products in your medicine cabinet.

3. She begins decorating your home
Recognize that decorating and even cleaning will make your girlfriend feel more attached to your place. Furthermore, the new curtains in the living room that she picked out will also give her a sense of belonging.

4. She mentions how convenient your place is for her

Listen carefully to her when she begins mentioning how much easier it is for her to commute to work from your place, or if she complains about how expensive it is for her to pay rent at her apartment.

5.She starts casually referring to your apartment as home

Notice when she casually starts referring to your apartment as "our" apartment and says things like "Sweetie, are you ready to go home?" It may be tempting to ignore these phrases, but trust me--they're not just a slip of her tongue--she's beginning to mark her territory!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Traits of a Great Boyfriend

For most men, figuring out how to be a great boyfriend and satisfy the women in their lives can be confusing at times. While men and women rarely think along the same lines when it comes to a relationship, it’s rather simple to understand what it takes to keep a woman happy once you learn to see the world through her eyes. With that, here are 5 traits of a great boyfriend.

1. He respects his woman and treats her well
A great boyfriend is a genuine person who considers his woman in every situation, understands that she's an equal part of the relationship and will be on her side no matter what. He's not the type that will be checking out other girls, but will keep his attention focused on the woman in his life. He won't degrade or abuse his woman and if he accidentally says something that hurts her, he won't hesitate to admit his mistake and apologize sincerely.

2. He inspires his woman to be better
A great boyfriend naturally gains a special place in his woman's life by helping her find what she wants in life and makes her understand and believe how important her happiness is to him. He helps change the way she sees the world and helps her stand out and live a happier life.

3. He satisfies his woman's romantic needs
A good boyfriend must satisfy his woman's every romantic need not by making love just for the sake of it, but by being passionate about it. He is spontaneous and knows the many ways to make her feel special. He also shows his partner the emotional intimacy she craves, communicates with her on every level and anticipates her desires and needs.

4. He loves his woman for who she is
A great boyfriend doesn't just love his woman physically. He loves his woman...flaws and all. He loves all of the strengths and weaknesses his lady has, but focuses on the good qualities she possesses to make her feel like a beautiful person, inside and out. Simply put, a great boyfriend makes his woman feel good about herself, accepts her as she is and never attempts to change her for his own selfish reasons.

5. He always makes his woman feel beautiful
A great boyfriend makes his lady feel that she is the most beautiful woman in the universe. He picks out something specific such as her pretty brown eyes, pearly smile or gorgeous figure and makes her feel that he's truly paying attention to her and not just sweet talking her.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Top 10: Things Women Hate About Men

When you ask women about the things they hate about men, the list will practically be endless. While the things that women hate about men is a combination of big and small things, this article will describe the top 10 things women find most annoying about the men in their lives:

1. Having a foul mouth

While it’s true that most women don't mind a swear word here and there when you get upset, they don't like men who think that swearing is the only way they can express themselves.

2. Being overly-dominant

Most women want men who will protect them and make them feel safe--but they don't want a dictator who tells them where to go, when to leave, who to talk to or what to wear. Dating a guy with a controlling nature can be pretty scary for women and will cause them to run from you very quickly.

3. Their inability to commit
It's important for men to understand that when things begin to get serious, women tend to expect the two of you to become exclusive. Women hate being treated like a revolving door and being subjected to mind games, inconsistency and drama from a commitment phobic.

4. Not being romantic

Women want true romance along with the feeling of being emotionally connected to their men. Your girlfriend will easily become dissatisfied and will not even want to be touched by you once she senses that you only come around her for sex.

5. Not keeping themselves up

Although looks are not everything, women are not generally attracted to men with inadequate grooming, to include smelling bad, having bad breath, unkempt fingernails and wearing wrinkled clothing. Furthermore, not keeping yourself in shape shows women that you have little respect yourself and that you have no discipline, no motivation and no ambition.

6. Being predictable
Women absolutely hate predictable guys that never wan to do anything differently. They are attracted to spontaneous men who are unpredictable, untamed and successful with other women.

7. Putting their friends first

If you enjoy hanging out with the guys way more than you enjoy hanging out with your girlfriend and she can’t get you to stay home for some one-on-one time, there’s obviously something wrong.

8. Constantly arguing
Women hate dealing with guys that turn every conversation into an argument and constantly make them feel defensive and self-conscious.

9. Checking out other women in front of them
While it's completely normal for guys to glance at other women (not excessively, but certainly now & then), it becomes a problem when a guy actually stares at other women and forgets that his girlfriend is actually standing right next him!

10. Being needy
Confidence and independence are very sexy traits in a man -- insecurity and dependence are not. Women don't want to deal with men who doubt themselves and need constant reassurance about their relationships, work and friendships.