Monday, April 2, 2012

5 Signs You're Dating An Emotional Bully

Most men don’t want to admit that they’re in an abusive relationship; however, if you use words like crazy, emotional, controlling, bossy, domineering, constant conflict, or volatile to describe your girlfriend and your relationship, odds are you’re dating an emotional bully. Life is too short to waste time in this kind of relationship, so you need to run for the hills if your woman holds more than one of these attributes at any given time on a continual basis:

1. She creates constant chaos

She’s addicted to conflict and seems to get a rush from the adrenaline and drama. She deliberately starts arguments and conflict to keep you engaged or as a way to get you to react to her with hostility so that she can accuse you of being abusive and she can play the victim.

2. She constantly puts you down
She uses verbal assaults and constantly employs tactics such as name calling, criticizing, threatening, screaming, sarcasm, and humiliation as well as exaggerating your flaws and making fun of you in front of your friends, family and even your children.

3. She has constant mood swings with unpredictable responses

One day she's your best friend, the next she won't even speak to you. One minute she'll love you and the next she'll be picking fights or screaming at you for some imagined transgression on your part. Then the cycle repeats itself, again and again.

4. She makes you feel like you can never do enough
She'll keep reminding you of the areas you're lacking and destroy your self-confidence by saying that you don't love her enough, you're not romantic enough, you're not smart enough to figure out her needs or that you don't make enough money to satisfy her. She puts you in no-win situations with her endless list of demands that no one mortal man could ever fulfill.

5. She constantly blackmails you

She wants to control you and resorts to emotional intimidation to do it. She threatens to deny you of physical and emotional nurturing, withhold affection and sex, abandon you, and even end the relationship if you don’t play by her rules. She plays on your fears, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, shame, compassion, and other “buttons” to control you and get what she wants.

It's your choice if you wish to maintain a relationship with someone who acts like this, but it's important to be aware of these behaviors: they are all signs of an unhealthy relationship, and a lifetime of tolerating this behavior is a miserable existence.

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