Monday, November 23, 2009

Dealing With Manipulative Women

manipulative women
When you first start dating a woman and it's going well, you start to get comfortable with each other. But what happens when that sweet girl you were dating begins exhibiting female manipulation tricks to get her way?

Girls learn female manipulation tricks early in life, and any woman you're involved with is going to have a pretty good idea of what pushes your buttons and grabs your interest. Whether she's looking for forgiveness or a favor, you can bet that a manipulative woman will try every trick in the book to get her way to include using seduction, flattery, bribery and deception along with irrational, emotional means of persuasion.

Manipulative women who want you to go along with their requests or demands may come at you with the promise of tickets to a sporting event you've been talking about, a luxury item you've been eying, or even sexual bargaining, e.g., extra foreplay, provocative lingerie, etc... They use these methods to delve deep inside your head and persuade you to give into their demands, even to the point you'll find yourself changing your clothing, hairstyle and car according to their demands.

When all else fails, manipulative women will use the oldest trick in the book-- tears. All women know that the easiest way to make a man uncomfortable is to cry because they know that if they display a few well-placed tears with some pouty sniffles and streaming eyes, most guys will do anything to make the waterworks stop.

There's a simple way to deal with these controlling women--stop letting them get away with their behaviors and start setting limits! Learn to ignore a manipulative woman when she begins one of her tantrums and remove yourself from the situation if you feel any doubt about her sincerity. Refuse to be manipulated, expose her tricks and tell her to grow up. Remember, dating should be about partnership, honesty and equality, not about a woman taking advantage of you to get what she wants.

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