Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meeting Her Friends

A woman’s friends have a huge impact on how she will perceive you.
Most of her girlfriends will give you a fair shot, so it’s crucial that you stay on their good side.

It says a lot when your girlfriend wants to take you around her friends, so make a good impression. What she tells her girlfriends is very important to your relationship. One of the best ways to get your girlfriend's friends to like you is to engage in a good conversation. If her friends ask you a question, communicate clearly and make a good conversation out of it.

If you know you're meeting one or more of her friends for the first time, wearing something casual will make them feel comfortable around you. Even if she has a really attractive friend, don't stare. Remember, her friends are watching your every move, and while the girl you're starring at isn't looking, her other friends might be, and maybe even your girlfriend. Flirting with her friends is a sure way to get yourself dumped.

When you are around her friends, be very smitten to your girlfriend. They will love it. Doing things like paying for her food and complimenting her are things that can make a woman feel warm inside. Her friends will take notice and will have good things to say about you when you leave.

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